CRM Modules & Fetures

WAPS Cloud Manager - CRM Solution

A fully customizable collaborative work platform empowers you to manage CRM your way – at the office or on the go from your mobile device. Quickly set up your lead database and track activity all in one place.

WAPS Marketing Manager

The Marketing module allows your marketing team to plan both long and short term Marketing related activities within your business.

All companies today know how it is important to talk to the right customers and do it effectively. The module Marketing in WAPS CRM supports personalized e-mail messages, follow-up activities (phone calls, letters) and also provides feedback easily.

You can easily track the number and value of leads, opportunities and sales for every marketing campaign, track and compare cost per lead across campaigns and add contacts to campaigns using selection criteria, or add them automatically from your web site

Campaign Manager

Create multiple Marketing Campaigns and segments your customers and prospects into different campaigns. Campaigns can have multiple Campaign Stages to reflect parts of the same campaign, for example initial email, tele follow up, letter. Track the number and value of leads, opportunities and sales for every marketing campaign

Leads Manager

A key purpose of a CRM Marketing module is to generate leads for Sales to qualify into real sales. CRM lead management managing leads in a structured and organized way, evaluating whether they are worthy of follow up and grading them accordingly in order to convert them in to Sales opportunities

Email Campaigns

A powerfull tool to send newsletters, announcements, product releases, updates and more. Email marketing is built into the marketing system, so you can send emails directly from the CRM, and then see the individual click-through directly on the Account and Contact. No need to integrate into a separate emailing product

WAPS Sales Manager

The CRM Sales module helps your Sales Managers structure their Sales team processes from presales through to quotations and deal closure

The CRM helps the Sales team by organizing all the relevant opportunity information into one central database and it helps business managers by giving a real-time ‘window’ into sales status.

Every deal you close should move through a well-defined and predictable sales process. Sales tracking is how you follow the development of deals through this process. We includes a highly visual sales tracking solution that allows you to customize sales stages according to your company’s needs and easily track opportunities as they move through the process

Quotation & Sales Orders

Once opportunities reach a Quotation stage, they can be converted to a quotation and a Sales order. Our CRM having the standard functionality which allow your Sales team to quickly and easily create Quotation or Sales Order from an opportunity and this is then stored against the sales deal for easy reference

Invoicing & Billing

The CRM allows you to create personalized invoices instantly. Client data from the WAPS CRM are automatically inserted into an invoice - just select the appropriate Quotes or Sales Order. You can send the invoice directly from the CRM to the client's email address, save the invoice as a PDF file, and even print it out right from your web browser!

Products Manager

Products can be either goods or services, which are sold or procured by your organization. In WAPS CRM, you can manage your company- wide products that are sold to the customers as well as procured from vendors. The sales departments can use the Products module effectively according to their department process.

WAPS Cutomer Service Manager

The Service module allows you to effectively manage your company’s customer support capability. This too can be customized to suit your business process

Deliver great customer service by making sure all requests are dealt with efficiently and nothing gets forgotten

Prioritise support requests with customisable SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and real-time response reporting on your dashboard

Speed response by automating incoming emails and managing the support queue

Customer Accounts Manager

Effectively manage customer relationships from prospect, to close, to customer using in-depth customer profiles to identify future revenue opportunities. Easily categorize customers and prospects using a wide range of criteria (such as sales-to-date, region, time zone, products purchased, and more) to uncover hidden revenue opportunities

Subscription Manager

Make your life easier by automatically generating subscription billing with this module. The recurring billing feature enables you to bill a fixed or variable amount (based on prorata or actual usage) on a regular basis (for instance weekly, monthly, etc). You can easily customize the bills according to your needs.

Service Case Manager

No matter the incoming channel (phone, email or web), ensure every interaction is followed-up efficiently by tracking case assignments and escalations to ensure all of your customer issues are resolved. Track the performance of your service team across defined metrics that matter most to your business and your customers

Statistics & Analytics

With real-time updates to customer service metrics through dashboards and reports, managers can analyze customer service data to identify areas for improvement.

One simple page shows all the data for the organisation you’re dealing with: all the Contacts (people) who work there, all the Tasks (things to do) outstanding for that Account; all the Activities (past emails, telephone calls, meetings); all the Opportunities (sales deals, open and closed); any Documents (quotes, faxes) attached to the Account.

Set up Tasks to remind you of outstanding actions against each Account, and optionally assign them to your colleagues

Really Simple Opportunity Management tracks all your potential and closed deals, allowing you to prioritise sales effort and giving you visibility of you and your teams’ sales pipelines

Customized Dashboard

Easily configurable dashboards allow you to setup and modify key performance indicators to display in formats of your choice. Indicators such as the value and status of forecasted sales, daily customer service incidents, and marketing campaign response can be effortlessly be monitored

Reports & Statistics

Access timely, accurate insights through visual dashboards, in-depth metrics, and reports.View the sales, marketing and customer service information you need to manage day-to-day operations, refine processes, resolve potential issues and leverage opportunities.Powerful report writer can show detailed and summarised reports and statistics.

Managing Interaction

The CRM contains instruments to create reports, import/export contacts, carry out analysis, and to perform segmentation of the target audience as precisely as needed. Incoming contacts or leads can be divided among sales managers, marketing campaigns can be analyzed, and access permission to any deal or lead can be varified depending on its status or other parameters

Much more features will be added in.